Heidi and APM Employment Services

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Friendship and purpose adds extra flavour to life

If you’ve ever enjoyed a delicious salad, sandwich or panini at Francesco’s Café – you most likely have Heidi to thank for it.

Heidi lives with a painful health condition, which requires daily medication.

Together with frequently needing to use the bathroom, her health condition had become a barrier for her securing ongoing employment.

Until she joined APM Employment Services who support thousands of Australian job seekers with physical and psychological health conditions every year through the Disability Employment Services program.

Returning to the workforce

After raising her own family, working and even caring for her mother until she passed away, she felt in a rut.

Conscious of having a large gap in her resume, “I would sit at home feeling sorry for myself and I wanted to go back to work and be around people rather than sitting at home all alone” Heidi recalls.

After just two weeks working with an employment consultant at APM, Heidi found a workplace which is understanding of her chronic bladder condition.

The day after her interview and a brief job trial, she was offered the job in the café kitchen!

“My employers are great and I’m on a lot of medication, so I’m not rushing to the toilet all the time. My supervisor has been very understanding” Heidi said.

The Disability Employment Services program has given her the support she needs, and her work ethic has seen her grow and shine.