Hyunsoo Kim and Ingeus Korea

Hurdles to success

Making a strong start to a successful career sometimes needs the right support.

When 27 year-old Hyunsoo Kim began applying for jobs after graduating his university studies, his great enthusiasm didn’t produce the success he’d hoped for.

He found job interviews the most challenging and identified this as an area he needed support to progress.

“In retrospect, I lost a lot of confidence” Hyunsoo Kim said.

“Because I didn’t have any related experience and it was my first time doing this job.”

After completing a government support program, Hyunsoo Kim was referred to Ingeus, he connected with jobcoach Haeyoung Jeong.

Dedication and success

In addition to his interview skills, Haeyoung Jeong saw other ways she could help.

She identified that Hyunsoo Kim had trouble writing his resume and enrolled him in the intensive resume clinic.

Seeing that he had no experience in the workplace, Haeyoung Jeong was able to set up an opportunity for him to gain job experience through their work experience program.

The hard work and dedication Hyunsoo Kim showed in his application and interview, paid off.

“We decided to hire him as he showed confidence and potential, even in the cover letter” Myungho Go, Human Resources Manager of Powerfulx said.

The experience of succeeding where he had previous halted has had a huge positive impact on Hyunsoo Kim.

He has immersed himself in his work and is enjoying every minute.

“I am so satisfied, and every day is fun” he said.

“I’m very grateful I could get a job and feel like this.”