Ingeus Switzerland team

The Ingeus approach

“Our strength is the variety of skills of all my colleagues” JobLab coach Pedro said.

“We all come from different professional areas and that is something that is very, very powerful, especially for the candidates but also for us as we seek solutions from our colleagues.”

Ingeus’ person-first approach to their work is at the foundation of how they support job seekers.

From the beginning, this ‘human factor’ is what drives the team to give a person all the support they need to be fully autonomous, feeling capable and successful.

“Each person is unique and we must adapt our coaching to each participant” Pedro said.

Tailored service

One of Ingeus’ services it provides is with the Swiss government’s disability insurance program.

Through this program, job seekers can request assistance to find work which they are capable of doing, or adaptable to their injury, illness or disability.

They work with the job seeker to secure viable supports and opportunities for professional growth such as internships.

The team utilise the support of allied health professionals such as psychologists and physiotherapists, which are available to all participants.

These are targeted at improving self-confidence, stress management and maintaining your personal wellbeing while looking for a job.

This combined approach gives the job seeker a thorough, personalised service.

“The advantage at Ingeus is that we mix all the programs and therefor all the profiles, as each person has something to contribute to the other” Mauguerite-Marie said.

And it shows for their participants:

“Ingeus, wow! The human factor means something” program participant Olivier said.

“The coaches take into consideration who we are.”