Issac and APM Employment Services

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Taking the first step towards change

After moving from his home in Africa, Issac lived with several challenges when it came to finding employment.

His lived experiences of trauma affected his mental health, exacerbated when he moved to a new country and experienced long-term unemployment.

The proud father of four was a skilled professional who worked hard to provide for his family and support his community in Africa.

But Africa wasn’t safe for his family.

Issac still suffers physical trauma from being struck in the head with the butt of a gun.

Issac was driven to find purposeful work, which would give him the feeling of belonging in his adopted home in Australia.

“I came from a very hard-working background, and I have always wanted to work” Issac said.

As Issac had worked previously as a History and Science Teacher and a Draftsman by trade, his period of unemployment deeply affected him.

Finding his spark

Due to mental health issues stemming from trauma in his past, he found it difficult to muster the physical and mental strength to search for work.

Initially quiet and timid, according to his employment consultant, there was something in Issac which wanted to try get back into the workforce.

After some help with interview skills, Issac slowly regained his confidence and eventually started applying for jobs by himself.

He began working for a security company twice a week, and he saw an opportunity to progress.

APM Employment Services assisted Issac to get his security license, which began opening further employment opportunities for him to support his family.

That was when the joyfulness of Issac really started to emerge and blossom.