James and APM Work Assist

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Changing careers

When job seeker James decided to make a career change, he wasn’t exactly sure how to make it happen.

After approaching APM in his hometown of Dunedin, it didn’t take long for him to be helped on to the right path by his employment consultant Melissa.

“I walked in, and Melissa basically put me on to the job that I have now” James said.

After having a career in hospitality as a trained chef, James wanted to move away from the hospitality industry.

This can be challenging, but with support from Melissa, James was able to make it happen with help from APM Employment Services.

Working towards new goals

“We looked at his strengths, we looked at his experience” Melissa said.

“He wanted to change employment, but it was also looking at those long-term goals and how accessible they were and how we could build strategies to get to that.”

James reflects positively on his job-seeking experience:

“Having someone who is really good at reading people, can organise and has connections in all sorts of different places…is very helpful.”

Making the move to a new line of work has clearly made a difference in James’ life, Melissa observes:

“He’s much more animated about his job and he loves his job now – but he’s still got that long-term goal in mind as well.”

James also agrees:

“Having an actual job that I do enjoy and being able to get a job completely different from what I was doing before has definitely helped my confidence levels.”