John and Equus

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Deserving of more

Everyone is worthy of regaining dignity.

John can afford his apartment and has prospects for stable income, which has helped transform his life.

Around the age of 30, John was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and went on to experience a series of upheavals in his life.

John was incarcerated, released, and spent years living without a fixed address or stable accommodation.

He got to the point of feeling like he had “lost everything” living in a tent in the bushes.

“I had just accepted that as my fate” John said.

“By then I was so humbled down that I had learned how to live with nothing.”

Structure and success

San Diego Housing Navigator Andrea met John as he was on his path to changing his life and recalls his gratitude.

“He’s a very humble guy, and very appreciative of any support and help that was given.”

Through Equus, Andrea was just one of the team of people who helped John get to where he wanted to be.

John’s motivation to make change in his life was clear to everyone who worked with him.

“The people that they have selected to come into the field and work with us, for me, was a big part of my success” John recalled.

“They were just very easy to work with and they were understanding, they always made me feel like I had support. So that gave me structure, and then that gave me success.”

With the right support and hard work, John has regained his sense of worthiness and “a realistic hope for the future.”