Lifecare and Sorrento Football Club

To stay at their best, the players of Sorrento Football Club know they can rely on their club Physiotherapist to help them.

“Over the last 30 odd years I’ve been involved with senior sport, having a Physio attached to the club and having a good relationship with the club is critical” Sorrento coach Alan said.

“It helps us keep our players fit, healthy (and) on the pitch.”

Lifecare Physiotherapist Trent has been with the club as their Physiotherapist for nearly a decade, he works with players, trainers, and coaches to ensure everyone is moving and recovering well.

“On top of that, I’m the person the coaches can refer to with their players” Trent said.

As Head Physio, working with Sorrento has always felt special to Trent.

“When I started, I genuinely felt like it was a place where I felt at home, accepted” Trent said.

The benefit of having this close relationship has created an environment where all club staff communicate with ease about the fitness of the players so they’re ready for game day.

“It helps the players understand their injuries and how to manage, because we keep everyone informed, hopefully reducing the risk of miscommunication” Trent said.

This approach has helped players like Tom perform better on and off the field.

Tom was experiencing some reoccurring injuries, working with Trent helped him identify the cause and manage it.

“I injured myself because I was overtraining, didn’t rest myself over pre-season and the off season and coming into it” Tom said.

“I find it very helpful having Trent and making sure that I am prepared before training.”