Louis and APM Employment Services

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Finding the right place for his talents

By the time Louis came to APM Employment Services, he had been trying to find work on his own for quite some time.

As a result, Louis was struggling with his confidence when it came to finding a good job and reached out for support from the Disability Employment Services program.

Louis lives with epilepsy and a learning disability and had struggled to find work he was passionate about.

After landing a role with Care DX Labs, Louis has become an essential and charismatic member of the team.

Whether you’re visiting for a meeting, making a delivery or a potential new client, Louis is there to make everyone feel welcome.

Bringing joy to his work

Since he joined Care DX, Louis has become a bit of an all-rounder, taking on administrative and office management duties, along with constructing and packing clinical testing kits.

Louis’ employer remarks at his ability to make people laugh and bring a lot of joy to every situation.

“He’s a lot more confident” Louis' employer Hayley said, talking about how they’ve continued to expand his role.

“I think it’s been a good learning experience for us. We haven’t noticed Louis’ disability. It hasn’t affected his work with us or with the team.”

He has grown professionally and developed great organisational skills, self-motivation, and a meticulous work ethic.

When asked how he feels about his work, Louis’ response really says it all:

“I feel the future is pretty bright.”