Melanie and Grant Associates

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Strong proactivity

Breaking out of unemployment can be done with the right support.

Melanie was supported by Grant Associates at a difficult time in her life.

Unsure of what exactly she wanted to do, she began the Career Compass program.

Offered online and in-person, Career Compass helps participants identify their interests, strengths, career options and their employment goals.

In addition, participants will get matched with education, training or employment opportunities.

Today, because of her hard work, Melanie has found secure employment and is enjoying much more stability.

Helping others

“My experience with Career Compass was thoroughly enjoyable” Melanie said.

“From the time I walked through the door, I was greeted with a positive attitude.”

She describes her orientation in the program as an encouraging and motivating experience.

Her Career Compass Career Navigator Amparo recalls how Melanie’s proactivity was a benefit to her.

When she first attended the program, she learned Grant Associates were offering a paid internship, and she let the facilitator know of her interest.

Melanie recalls meeting Amparo for the first time.

“We discussed many things I expressed my interest in the internship” she said.

“I also shared with her my skills in administrative work, computer work, and data entry.”

“I felt confident at the end of our conversation because Amparo seemed committed to helping me achieve my goals” Melanie added.

The internship she completed changed her life for the better, giving Melanie the skills and empathy she brings to her role as part of the Career Compass team.