Mihriban and ParentsNext

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Starting up

Mihriban worked hard after a period of significant grief, to make a new start.

She is a widow with five children and was initially unsure of the benefits the ParentsNext program could have in her life.

ParentsNext is an Australian government program delivered by APM in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The program is aimed at supporting parents with young children to reach their employment goals while balancing their family commitments.

After such a significant change in her life, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

With most of her mental and physical energy going towards raising her children, she was helped towards success.

No longer hopeless

As she continued to attend her appointments, Mihriban decided she wanted to change things in her life.

She successfully found a job and is completing a receptionist course, which she plans to continue.

“My children feel very proud” Mihriban said.

“They can see a lot of changes, and I feel more confident.”

One of the most evident benefits is Mihriban’s regaining her confidence and her trust in herself.

She has regained the feeling and knowledge that she is capable and can earn her own income.

Feeling better within herself, according to Mihriban, she’s no longer feeling hopeless.

“I’m feeling very proud, very proud.”