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Are you a parent looking for your next step when your child starts school?

We can help.

APM delivers the ParentsNext program on behalf of the Australian Government in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

If you're required to join ParentsNext, you will be notified by Centrelink and assigned to a provider.

If you're assigned to APM, you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

Whether you're required to join, or come to us directly, we will help you identify and achieve your job goals, earn more money and better support your family.

How will APM help me?

We understand helping your child to make the best start is your top priority when they begin school. We also know how reaching your own goals are very important for you and your family.

Our ParentsNext team will listen to you and get to know your circumstances.

We will help you identify the type of job that works for you and assist you to achieve your goals for education and employment.

If there’s a particular job you’re interested in, we’ll help you find out how to get there, and support you through your first steps.

We also connect you with other services and support when you need it. This may include health, education, childcare, housing and connecting with other parents local to you.

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ParentsNext in Melbourne

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ParentsNext in Adelaide

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ParentsNext in Gippsland

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ParentsNext in Cairns

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Live in Queensland, Victoria or South Australia?

You will be notified by Centrelink if you are eligible for APM's ParentsNext program.

If you are not referred to APM and would like more information about the program, you can call our APM customer service team.

Call: 1800 276 276

Email: support@apm.net.au

Depending on your location it may be possible to register directly for APM's ParentsNext program.

Contact us today to find out if you're eligible.

ParentsNext service delivery plans

Adelaide North






Western Melbourne

Am I eligible for ParentsNext?

To join ParentsNext, you need to:

  • have a child aged under six
  • not been in paid work in the last six months
  • have been getting Parenting Payments for the last six months

Joining through Centrelink

You will be contacted by Centrelink if you’re receiving Parenting
Payment and need to participate in ParentsNext.

Centrelink will also tell you who your provider will be.

Volunteering for ParentsNext

If you receive the Parenting Payment and live in a ParentsNext Intensive Stream location you may also volunteer for the program without Centrelink.

If you live in Queensland, Victoria or South Australia, contact us to see if you can join APM's ParentsNext program.

If you live in another state or territory, contact the National Contact Service Line on 1800 805 260, or visit JobSearch to find a provider near you.

Why join APM?

We've been helping people reach their job goals for more than 25 years  

Our ParentsNext team will guide you through the program and help identify the support options that are best for you.

You get your own tailored Participation Plan with activities suited to help prepare you for work and move you towards your employment and education goals.

When you join our ParentsNext program you benefit from an experienced team which understands how to help people succeed in finding employment.

Since 1994 we have helped more than two million people with an injury, illness or disability find or stay in work.

As Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services and a network of more than 500 offices we know the employment challenges and trends in job markets across the country.

With APM as your ParentsNext provider, you know you’re in safe hands.

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