APM ParentsNext Mihriban's story transcript

Mihriban Balikel: My name is Mihriban Balikel. I have five children. I am a widow mom. When I first came in, I was confused. I didn't know from where to start up. I wasn't looking very interesting to it. But then, when I continue to come into my appointments, and then I decide that I can change things in my life and start up from something, which is I did. I found a job. I did receptionist course, and which is... I'm going to continue next year as well.

My children feels very proud. I mean, always they felt proud with me, but now, they can see a lot of changes. I feel more confidence. I gained a lot of trust to myself that I can go and do something, like it's very easy. I want everyone to be out there. Earning your own income is very, very good. I feel so good about that. I'm not feeling hopeless. I'm feeling very proud. Very proud.