Miriam and Ingeus Spain

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Beginning again in Spain

Miriam moved to Spain nearly 25 years ago to build a new life for herself.

“I came to Barcelona because I was an abused woman, so I decided to escape from that situation” Miriam said.

After leaving an abusive relationship in Ecuador, she was able to bring her children over to her new home.

“I brought my children one by one. I felt supported by them, and now I have family here.”

When she returned to Ecuador with her son, she found herself suddenly in financial hardship.

Her now-ex-partner had not been making the required payments on a property she owned.

“I found a very big debt” Miriam recalled.

She ended up losing the apartment.

“And so, I had to hand over the apartment, with this condition that they took away my debts” she said.

The team at Ingeus Spain worked together with Miriam to navigate this process.

Miriam pictured outside, looking down at the camera in a determined, strong way

Support and understanding to thrive

“I think they have helped me to feel fulfilled, they helped me know where I had to go and what I had to do” Miriam said.

Ingeus social worker Laura set to work helping Miriam straight away to get some stable living arrangements while she was in hardship.

Miriam and her family were able to stay in her former apartment while paying a social rent - a rate of rent based on a person’s income.

Laura also assisted Miriam to access the right people and resources to contact for her circumstances.

“It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I see the evolution of each family, when I’m following up on their process or going to visit them at home” Laura said.

Miriam shared her positive experience through this challenging time.

“I didn’t feel alone, I didn’t feel frustrated because there are very professional people, and they can help you and guide you.”