NRMA and Communicorp

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Varied support for a varied business

When we buy insurance, we do it with the hope of making navigating a crisis easier.

However, who does the insurance provider reach out to for their employees?

Communicorp may not control the weather, but their Peer Support program has had huge benefits for the NRMA.

The Peer Support program created for the NRMA by Communicorp actively helps people upskill in this area.

The programme’s skills are not only applicable at work, but employees are also given skills they can retain and use long-term.

“I didn’t realise how in-depth mental health was until I did the training” said NRMA Patrol Team Leader Christopher.

Christopher says the new skills he’s learned have been important, particularly in developing his listening skills.

“I don’t go in there thinking that I can fix everything, and it’s quite hard as a mechanic, you know – my job is to fix things.”

Making conversations easier

Communicorp worked with NRMA to create the Peer Support program, which involved the training of select staff, to provide the extra layer of support for their team members.

“The NRMA is a really diverse organisation. We have a number of different businesses” NRMA Group Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing Manager Courtney said.

NRMA’s employees and the environments they work in are varied, but their support needed to be delivered in a way which worked with this diversity.

“Finding a way to support people in an operational space, as well as in a contact centre, or call centre or corporately, we found a peer-to-peer support programme was really valuable and a real benefit” NRMA General Manager Group Safety, Wellbeing and Compliance Nina said.

Courtney describes the process of working on the framework of the program with Communicorp as seamless:

“Communicorp really sought to understand our culture and our people and what we want to achieve.”

“Having an organisation to work with that understands that and appreciates that and has been really respectful of that has been fantastic” she added.