Olivier, Samuel and Ingeus Switzerland

Finding themselves

If you’re at a vulnerable point in your life of returning to work or changing careers due to injury, illness or disability, the feeling of connection can be challenging to regain.

For Samuel and Olivier, they had the right people by their side on their journey – the Ingeus Switzerland team.

“It was very relaxed, very friendly” Samuel said.

“Immediately a good connection with the advisor.”

The person-first approach Ingeus have is the foundation of how they support people who come to them looking for work.

The team are motivated and knowledgeable, ready to assist a job seeker to return to work in a capable, fulfilling way.

Kindness which makes the difference

“The human factor really means something” participant Olivier said.

“I discovered myself and I did not think that a company like this benevolent would teach me how to find myself again and care about me.”

The Ingeus team pride themselves on the tailored service they provide, making use of each person’s expertise.

They work closely with people who are living with injury, illness or disability, to help them return to the workplace.

Working with job seekers to identify their skills and improve their wellbeing helps them find work they are passionate about.

For job seeker Olivier, getting support from the Ingeus team made his reintegration into the workforce feel much easier.

“For me it’s my lifeline” he said.

This feeling of success, of visibility, truly doesn’t have a price.