Paul and WCG

Determination to grow

Paul encountered a period of significant grief after losing both his parents and experiencing family estrangement.

This took its toll on his mental health, and he was living with no fixed address.

One of the most devastating tolls of this was having to give up his beloved dog Pluto, to the Humane Society.

Determined to get back on his feet and reunited with Pluto, Paul reached out for help during his struggles.

Open Window Hub outreach worker Avery describes Paul’s case as unique, and how he was motivated and wanting to move out of the crisis he was in.

“Working with Paul there was a sense of urgency” Owner of the Bennett Edge, Michael Bennett said.

“We needed to get this done as fast as possible so that we could help improve his living situation.”

Collective support

After getting to know Paul, Michael identified that workplace culture would be a big factor for Paul feeling comfortable and work at a pace that worked for him.

When Paul was going for his job interview at Allseating, Michael accompanied him, he asked for a walk-around of the workplace to make sure it could be a good fit for Paul.

“We wanted to be able to provide Paul with meaningful employment” HR manager at Allseating Carrie said.

“He’s a hard-working individual, we believed in him.”

“We knew collectively, with hard work on Paul’s behalf, the unwavering support from Michael at the Bennett Edge and his team, that we would get here” she added.

Michael helped Paul access funding to purchase new work boots, work clothes, along with funding for transport.

Paul’s stellar work has made a successful member of the Allseating team.

But reuniting with Pluto after being approved for an outreach program, is his greatest success yet.