Rebecca and APM Work Assist

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Flexibility and diversity

The flexibility and diversity Rebecca has had in her role has kept her motivated to help people.

Three years ago, she joined APM New Zealand as a graduate occupational therapist.

In that time, she’s worked with a range of people with different concerns:

“We get a range of clients. (Through) my role, it’s anyone who’s injured themselves due to an accident, sporting event or anything” she said.

Today Rebecca works in vocational rehabilitation, helping people living with injury, illness or disability return to the workplace.

She works alongside other allied health professionals in APM New Zealand’s Christchurch office, working together to provide effective pain management and lasting rehabilitation.

Making a difference

Rebecca acknowledges that usually by the time she’s working with a patient, they can have multiple issues impacting their journey back to work, such as chronic pain or mobility restrictions.

“I think what drives me is just seeing all the positive outcomes” Rebecca said.

“You see someone at the start of the journey, and they are injured, and they just don’t know where to go.”

Rebecca also specialises in concussion management, a common brain injury which can have significant impact on a person’s life.

The most rewarding part of her role is seeing a patient’s progress on their rehab journey:

“I think the most rewarding part of my role is I get to the end of the programme and you kind of get to reflect back …you know how they’re progressing.”

Sometimes they may not see it, but Rebecca sees how far they have come and takes joy in reminding them:

“Seeing them along their journey and what they’ve done, and not believing in themselves initially, but with your support, achieving those goals and seeing what they can do. That’s amazing.”