Sajad and APM Employment Services

Sajad smiles outside APM after finding success with Workforce Australia program.

Understanding his journey

When Sajad moved to Australia, he had to re-build his life from scratch.

Even having made the move without any family or loved ones, he was determined to make a better life for himself in Adelaide.

When he would apply for jobs or approach employers, he didn’t initially realise what paperwork or documents he would need, or how to source it in Australia.

Sajad eventually approached APM for help to find sustainable work.

He received support from the Workforce Australia program, delivered by APM Employment Services.

“When I came here, it was a big challenge for me to find a job and to find some career for me” Sajad recalled.

APM employment consultant Paul began working with Sajad to get what he needed to make the best possible start.

“Before he managed to relocate to Adelaide, he was out beating the pavement, he was out supporting his own endeavours to secure employment with the un-knowingness of what APM was,” Paul said.

“He (Sajad) presented himself willing and open to our assistance.”


Individual support and success

To start with, Paul and Sajad began by working on his resume to update his skills and career experience.

This gave them a clear idea of what kind of work Sajad was seeking, and how they could approach applying for work.

“He had transferable skills that supported what he was able to do at home in his home country, that could sort of find some employment and secure employment here,” Paul said.

Sajad recalls how challenging this early period of job hunting was, when he did not realise was documentation, he needed to support his applications such as identity documents and licenses.

Paul from APM smiles with Sajad in an APM Employment Services office.

The one-on-one support Sajad received from Paul throughout this process helped him in achieving employment.

“We look at them (our participants) individually, not just the one sort of mold that fits all,” Paul said.

“We work with them and understand what they can do, willing to do and understand.”

“Right now, I feel very good,” Sajad said.

“I have a job and also I have income and I want to be someone to have a plan and to be better in the future.”