Shirley and Lifecare

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Life after an accident

Recovering from an injury can be a very vulnerable time.

After an accident in the kitchen at home, Shirley spent nearly half a year in hospital beginning her recovery.

Thankfully, she met Jarrad from Lifecare, as part of their Homecare services, she was able to continue her rehabilitation at home.

Lifecare Homecare provides in-home physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and lymphoedema services to Perth metropolitan area and surrounds, the southwest region of Western Australia, the Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounds.

Bringing physiotherapy and other services to the home enables people with injury, illness and disability maintain their mobility, function, and independence.

“When I came home from hospital, I needed follow-up physio, and my support coordinator at the time found Jarrad, and we just clicked from day one” Shirley said.

Jarrad greets Shirley at the door of her home, for an appointment

A solid partnership

As part of Homecare, Jarrad travels out to some of his patients like Shirley, who can’t make it to a clinic.

It also gives patients a safe and comfortable environment to complete their therapy in.

“I came out to see Shirley and we started it off – a great long-lasting relationship that’s now been ongoing for six years” Jarrad said.

Communication is the foundation of Shirley and Jarrad’s great relationship, which has helped her progress towards her therapeutic outcomes, and live a more mobile life.

Shirley has come to feel how much care Jarrad takes in their sessions and helping her hit her goals.

“I wasn’t just a patient” Shirley said.

“There was a lot of talking between us, he would explain the purpose of doing exercise and where it was going to lead to.” 

Jarrad describes how communication is important to him as a clinician, particularly when he’s encountered many patients who have received diagnoses they don’t really understand.

“Going through and explaining it to them gives them ownership of their own condition” Jarrad said.

And it shows, for Shirley.

“I just feel more positive because I’m involved in my own care.”