Published on 20 June 2016

Wail moved to Australia from war-torn Iraq in 2014. There, he was was self-employed, owned farming land and employed staff. Wail attended university and earned a degree in physics.

Upon his arrival in Australia, Wail started studying ahead of looking for a new job. Being highly educated, Wail already had a good grasp of English and decided to pursue a career in real estate. Despite gaining the necessary certificates, he was having trouble getting his foot in the door to an agency.

Wail and his Employment Consultant Rebecca sent countless letters and knocked on many doors to try and find Wail an opportunity without success.

With bills piling up and motivation waning, Wail was disenchanted at not being given a chance to prove himself in his new country and even contemplated returning to Iraq.

Rebecca kept encouraging Wail to persist, telling him that it would happen. Sure enough, as they ramped up the reverse marketing, one real estate agent took Wail on! He is now working 23 hours a week as a real estate agent and is enthusiastic and optimistic about the future in his chosen field.

Rebecca was so happy to help Wail find employment in his chosen field and is proud to have worked with him to fulfil his dream!

Wail is pictured with his Employment Consultant Rebecca.

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