APM: customers praise helpful staff

Published on 12 Apr 2016

APM customers have given the company a significant vote of confidence according to figures released today.

The company's latest 'customer satisfaction survey' results, demonstrate that some 97.9% of APM staff are deemed to be helpful, with a staggering 98.8% feeling safe within APM premises.

As well as recording significant increases in the amount of unemployed individuals being placed into work, APM is also successfully recording a number of 'soft' outcomes, in building confidence and changing the negative perceptions of disadvantaged jobseekers.

  • 98.8% of clients feel safe at APM - up 0.4%
  • 97.9% of clients feel APM staff are helpful - up 1.4%
  • 97.6% of clients think the information they received from APM about their programme has been good - up 0.6%
  • 96.8% of clients feel valued as an individual by APM - up 0.4%

Director of Employment Services, Steve Hart, said: "We're justifiably proud of these fantastic set of results, which are a testament to the excellent services our teams deliver on behalf of their customers.

"Our job is all about enabling better lives for the unemployed people we support and there is no greater compliment than your customers telling you that you're doing that job well."

The survey, which covers the period 5th January - 31st March 2016, gathered views from individuals on a number of employability contracts, including Work Programme and National Offender Management funded provision.

It canvassed the opinions of hundreds of APM customers based at a range of centres from Newcastle to Hastings.

  • "Staff assisted me with online applications and checked them over for me prior to submitting them for the jobs. They were also great identifying a work placement to give me experience."- APM customer, Newcastle
  • "Very attentive and keen to listen, always available if needed" - APM customer, Shrewsbury
  • "My coach always (has a) positive attitude, and has really helped boost my self-confidence" - APM customer, Worcester