APM extends support of Perth Soccer Club

Published on 01 May 2023


Members of the Perth Soccer Club blind soccer team and APM staff

Pictured: Members of the Perth SC blind futsal team (white shirts) pictured with APM staff (black shirts) at the 28 April season launch.

Building on from their inaugural partnership last year to support Perth Soccer Club’s all-abilities activities, APM have extended their sponsorship for another year.

This sponsorship will support the Blind Futsal program run by Blind Sports WA at Perth Soccer Club which enables visually impaired players to take part in modified soccer games (futsal) with expert coaching and guidance.

Blind futsal is a variation of five-a-side soccer designed for players who are blind or visually impaired and it can be an All-Abilities game for players who can actively participate and navigate the pitch.

The sport is growing rapidly in Australia and across the world, with Blind Football Australia becoming the recognised national pathway for people to play Blind Football for Australia.

The rules of blind futsal are very similar to the rules of futsal.

It is played on a 40 x 20 m pitch with side kickboards, an audible ball and two teams of five players.

However, there are some differences to futsal:

  • In the B1 category, all players, except for the goalkeeper, are blindfolded.
  • In the B2/3 category players are partially sighted.
  • The ball has been modified to make a jingling or rattling sound.
  • Players are required to say 'voy', when going into challenge for the ball; this alerts the other players about their position.
  • A guide, positioned outside the field of play, provides instructions to the players.

The launch of the Perth Soccer Club Blind Futsal season took place on Friday 28 April 2023 at Club’s Dorrien Gardens, West Perth venue under lights.

The casual game play, coaching and networking event was attended by Perth Soccer Club’s Blind Futsal team, and other Perth Soccer Club junior players as well as teams from APM, the Town of Vincent and other corporate sponsors who were willing to try the game.

“We really appreciate the renewed support of APM and the fantastic contribution it has made to our All-Abilities program, allowing us to provide our facilities, equipment, apparel and coaching to our Blind Football players,” said Club President Jason Marocchi.

“We have a big year of football coming up with the Women’s World Cup coming to Australia in July and August."

"Our training facilities will be used by some of the visiting international teams, and we hope to be able to showcase our blind futsal teams during this exciting time for soccer."

"In the meantime, these teams will train on Sunday mornings at Dorrien Gardens and seek playing opportunities with other clubs”.

“We encourage anyone with a disability to come and try this game, as well take part in this regular social activity and established community.”

To find out more, visit perthsc.com.au.

Members of the Perth soccer club blind futsal team