Published on 08 December 2016

Vocational rehabilitation specialists, APM, have headlined this year's ERSA Conference.

The company - a prime provider for the delivery of Work Programme and National Offender Management Services - was strongly represented at what is one of the showpiece events in the industry calendar, bringing together key representatives from across the wider sector.

APM led two sessions focusing on the shape the employability sector may take in the months and years ahead with the onset of the government's Work and Health Programme.

Managing Director, Adam Hart, was on hand to answer delegate questions as part of an afternoon panel discussion, whilst CEO Alan Cave was accompanied by colleague Natalie Ward during a breakfast roundtable focused on APM's delivery of Working Capital.

"Working Capital is a Central London contract that focuses on a client group further from the labour market than traditional employability contracts," says Natalie.

"It requires us to develop an understanding of individual health issues and to work within proper clinical governance; we employ qualified health practitioners who share our vision of employment being a key component of recovery."

APM is a member of ERSA as well as being a Corporate Affiliate member of the Institute of Employability Professionals.

"We feel it is of paramount importance that APM has a presence at these type of events," said CEO Alan Cave.

"What was most pleasing was that we were approached to speak as a thought leader in the arena of vocational rehabilitation. We do so from a position of listening, learning and collaborating - there is no monopoly on wisdom here."

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