APM Jump Start campaign launched in Toowoomba

Published on 12 May 2017

The Chronicle reports:

An employment provider is hoping to create 30 new jobs in the next four weeks for people with a disability.

Advanced Personnel Management Employment Services is hoping to jump start employment in Toowoomba for those with a disability.

The Jump Start campaign launched on Wednesday night at Fitzy's and more than 45 employers attended to find out how they can become involved.

APM corporate affairs general manager Adrian Bradley said the aim was to find work for those with disabilities.

"We want to set up people with local employers," he said.

"Unfortunately for those with disabilities, employment rates are quite low and they struggle to find jobs.

"If they don't have a job they struggle to make ends meet like any other person but they also can feel very socially isolated and a job can bring them out from their exclusion.

"People with a disability make excellent employees because they are passionate and take fewer holidays and sick days.

"The challenge is finding an employer to marry them up with. Once a business employs someone with a disability they often come back again and employ more because they see how fantastic they are."

Employers can also receive free government financial backing when employing someone with a disability. Last night attendees learnt about the financial incentives available to recruit new employees, trainees and apprentices with a disability which could mean up to $21,000 for businesses.

Mr Bradley said the next step was communicating with businesses in Toowoomba and working out the best fit for those looking for work.

If your business would like to find out more phone 4638 8901.

Photo: Bus Queensland driver Rod Watson, Bus Queensland recruitment and training officer Trevor Gray and APM employment consultant Shelley Hilton. Image: The Chronicle.

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