Apprentice Patricia gains early start in the workplace

Grade 11 student Patricia Cole was eager to help support her family as she neared the end of her time in school.

With help from APM Employment Services and Busy at Work, the Rosella Park School student landed an apprenticeship at Gladstone's Savour the Flavour cafe.

Business owner Janelle Noonan has praised Patricia's start with the team and the support they all received to make a successful start.

Patricia registered with APM directly to see what help she could get to find work as an Early School Leaver.

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Pat rocks cafe service towards hospitality certificate

Hospitality trainee Patricia Cole is savouring the new-found independence to help her family she wants to support.

The Rosella Park School grade 11 student earned a traineeship with Savour the Flavour cafe and looked forward to spoiling her mum, Kelly.

"I can help pay bills to help my family and take my mum for a cruise,” Patricia said.

"My youngest sister Jeannie, I like to buy her presents as well.”

Business owner Janelle Noonan said this was a great opportunity for Patricia and she encouraged other employers to take on the initiative of giving these students a start in life.

"It started out as work experience once a week, then expanded the hours of employment and study for a Certificate II in Hospitality,” Janelle said.

"Patricia does the cutlery, biscuits, dishes, serves a few customers and kitchen duties.”

Patricia has been a welcome addition to the cafe team and might increase her work hours over the school holidays.

"(The staff) had a talk about Patricia coming on board and work here and we all agreed to it,” Janelle said.

Rosella Park School senior transition officer Angela Craze said the first-time employment initiative showed great potential.

"This is such an amazing opportunity and community partnership had been strong,” Angela said.

"Patricia is incredible, very capable, loves her job and looks forward to going to work.”

Angela said the support from Busy at Work, APM Employment Agency and Janelle had all been wonderful to get this venture to work.

"There are plenty of government programs to support these transitions of students to the workforce,” she said.