BBC's Wanted Down Under films APM in Perth

Published on 02 May 2018


It’s not every day Britain’s BBC comes knocking on APM’s door to film a reality TV show, so imagine our surprise when the venerable “Beeb” sent a film crew of the long running Wanted Down Under to our Warwick office in Perth to film our very own Paris Brown.

The show, which has been running for ten years and attracts about one million people week, sends UK families to Australia who are interested in migrating for one very structured week, where they have an opportunity to experience and compare the main aspects of Australian living that would contribute to their decision to migrate.

Of course getting a job makes life a bit easier in a new country so the crew wanted to film Ciara McEleney attending a job interview with a prospective employer, in this case APM.

Ciara, a 36 year old civil servant and mother of two from Derry who works with Northern Ireland's Career Service assisting job seekers met with Paris, herself a recent arrival from the UK.

The BBC chose APM as a “premium example of a provider of this kind of service in Perth”.

While there are no guarantees Ciara will emigrate to Australia, Paris was impressed with her and it’s possible she might one day become an APMer.

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