Ben’s breaking new ground

Published on 13 Apr 2017

Evanston’s Ben Smith, who is living with autism, commenced work with Munno Para-based business Adelaide Deliveries three weeks ago, through the help of employment provider Advanced Personnel Management (APM) Australia.

Ben said he has personally developed far beyond his own expectations since starting his first job, which sees him work three hours a day, three times per week, helping unload vehicles and carrying out general yard maintenance.

“It is amazing that I have changed,” he said.

“It was starting to get frustrating because I left school in 2014, so I have been looking (for work) since then.

“Before I was ringing places up, and I was trying to get jobs, and I used to only say ‘hello’, really.

“Now, like everybody else, I get on the phone and straight away if someone answers, I say ‘hi, how are you going?’ and that made me think, ‘wow, I never say that’.

“I was looking for something that I can do plenty of lifting and moving, and stuff, so it worked out pretty well.”

Adelaide Deliveries office manager Julie Rawlings said Ben has been an outstanding worker, and she has been really impressed with his dedication to the role.

“Ben has been a great addition to our team and he has done really well with clearing out the trucks, picking up any rubbish and the weeding as well,” she said.

“Really, he was exactly what we were looking for and has been perfect.”

APM is currently hosting a ‘jump-start’ in the area to help more people, like Ben, find work.

For more information on APM and its programs, or to find your nearest location, visit or contact the Gawler office (8523 3785).

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