Published on 19 September 2016

Tasmanian business owner Adrian Beckitt is a firm believer that giving a chance to workers who might struggle in the job market on their own benefits the economy and workplaces.

Mr Beckitt, who owns Red Square Cafe in the Cambridge Centre, hired his latest kitchen hand, Steven Webb, through APM Australia about six weeks ago. It was not Mr Webb's first job but his first foray into hospitality.

APM, Australia's biggest disability employment service, recently held an employment "jump start" in Hobart with the aim of getting 195 long-term unemployed jobs over a four-week period.

The service fell just short of its target, placing 179 people into work over the course of the campaign.

Mr Beckitt said he hoped more businesses would consider giving workers with a disability a go.

"It opens up opportunities for the worker and for the business sector," he said.

"The loyalty these workers show to the business which puts them on is fantastic."

Two other workers at the cafe have also been hired through APM service and have been kept on after the initial six-month program expired.

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