Did you see the eye-opening series Employable Me?

The ABC documentary series featured people with disability searching for work and the challenges they face when they find a job.

A second series is now underway and producers are looking for people with disability who are struggling to find work to take part.

The makers of the ABC documentary series, Northern Pictures, are looking to feature job seekers and potential employers in New South Wales.

A spokesperson for the show said the new series will feature people with a range of disabilities and conditions who have had trouble finding work and are looking for a job.

“We are aiming to uncover people’s strengths and match them to roles that suit their skills and talents” she said.

“We all deserve the opportunity to work for a living and pay our way.

“Our goal is to encourage employers and the wider community to embrace diversity.”

If you are in NSW, living with a disability and struggling to find work or believe you’re overqualified and not fulfilling your potential - email the show’s producers a bit of information about yourself, including how you heard about the show and a photo.

Email: employable@northernpictures.com.au

Find out more about Employable Me and the production team at northernpictures.com.au.

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