Employable Me officially launches

Introducing Employable Me!

Employable Me is a new recruitment platform from APM which helps job seekers to find employment more simply and quickly.

By connecting job seekers to employers who need to hire new staff, Employable Me helps people looking for work find sustainable employment in roles they are best suited for.

Job seekers also have access to a variety of benefits and advantages through Employable Me, including:

  • Access to our Smart Resume Builder and 10-minute Career Discovery Quiz to improve job searches and applications
  • Details of local employers with vacancies for work-ready job seekers
  • Expert help from APM Employment Consultants for career planning and job matching

Job seekers

If you're a job seeker already in the Disability Employment Services (DES), or the jobactive program with APM, you are eligible to sign up to Employable Me. Head to employableme.com to register.

If you're a job seeker but not already in a program with APM, click 'Get Started' on the Employable Me website to register your details and a member of the team will be in touch to see if you're eligible to join.

See how Emma found a job thanks to APM Employment Services

Find out how Emma found employment success with support from APM


If you're looking to hire staff, you can post your job vacancies on Employable Me and find potential candidates who are ready to work. Head to employableme.com/employers to find out more.

Employable Me also enables you to build a diverse and inclusive business by hiring job seekers, who may be overlooked by some employers due to living with an injury, illness or disability, but could be a perfect fit for your workplace.

By using Employable Me to find your employees, you can find out how to access significant benefits and reduce hiring costs for your business.

APM and Employable Me

At APM, we've helped over 60,000 job seekers find suitable employment - and we're ready to connect more candidates with the right employers.

CEO of Employable Me, Fiona Kalaf, expressed her excitement about the launch: “It’s exciting to have Employable Me go live – it shows the great strength of teamwork to bring this to life,” Fiona said.

Job seekers can also ask APM Employment Services team members about how to use the platform to boost their chances of finding sustainable work.

CEO of APM Employment Services, Karen Rainbow said: “Employable Me will be a great tool for our employment consultants, job seekers and employers.”

Just the beginning

Employable Me will be rolled out across APM Employment Services this month with continued development of the platform, including a full employer dashboard and job matching functionality to come.

The Australian-based platform will then be deployed to support job seekers and employers through employment services businesses in other parts of the world.