Published on 07 November 2014

This follows the announcement from the Australian Government that APM has successfully tendered to deliver Disability Management Services in several new regions and provide more services in the regions where APM is already located.

"APM is pleased that our strong, ongoing commitment to quality outcomes - securing meaningful employment for Australians who have a disability - has been recognised," said APM's Group Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hobday.

"It's a responsibility that our team of more than 700 staff in all states and territories thrives on and we look forward to making positive changes to the lives of even more people who have a disability in the coming years."

The outcome of the tender process means APM remains one of the largest providers of Disability Employment Services in Australia.

APM will deliver these services in six additional Employment Service Areas, meaning that from March 2015, APM will provide Disability Employment Services in 55 Employment Service Areas across Australia.

"APM's staff pride themselves on focusing on outcomes for the many thousands of job seekers that we work with," Mr Hobday said.

"To do this, our team in more than 300 locations in all states and territories maintains close links with local businesses, community groups and other key stakeholders in the employment process.

APM is continuing to encourage employers who are looking to recruit staff to utilise our free services."

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