Focus and support leads to first job in 10 years

Published on 29 Nov 2017

Job seeker Issac Gongbah had not worked for over 10 years as he lived with the impact of a traumatic experience. Then he came to APM and met employment consultant Abdi Gamadid.

After being without a job for more than a decade, Issac is now employed as a cleaner for security firm Jampal.

His success comes after he worked with APM Employment Services to find the right job based on his skills.

Issac's past experiences had left him facing depression, but he remained determined to find work to support his family.

He approached APM for assistance as a voluntary participant.

By working with Abdi in APM's Footscray team, Issac was able to access support services to find a job, and further assistance to develop his career.

When he started his job Issac made new friends and became interested in the security industry.

During his follow up meetings with Abdi as part of APM's post-placement support, Issac said he was interested in a ourselves to develop his career at his new workplace.

As he was eligible for government funding and funding assistance from APM, Abdi enrolled Issac into the next available course.

While he continued working as a cleaner he successfully gained his Cert III in Security. In his 26th week of employment as a cleaner he began the process of applying for his full security licence to become a security guard.

Issac's future is looking bright and he has now been exited from APM as an independent worker, but he still remains in touch with Abdi, who he now calls his friend.

He said he is very thankful for all the support APM and Abdi have given him throughout his journey to self-discovery and to what his life has now become.

If you're looking for support to achieve your employment goals like Issac, contact APM today.