Support line open for flood victims

Support line for people affected by bushfires 1800 276 113

APM is offering free mental health telephone counselling for people affected by floods in New South Wales and Queensland.

The APM Assure Community Support Line is available for people experiencing anxiety or mental health issues.

People who call the free support line receive counselling from a qualified psychologist. The support line can be accessed by calling 1800 276 113.

The support line was established to assist people impacted by the bushfires which devastated towns across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria in 2019 and early 2020.

It has also been used by people affected by the bushfires in Western Australia earlier this year.

APM Group CEO Michael Anghie said psychologists from Assure Programs will be ready to support communities in need.

“We’ve seen before the impact disasters can have on the mental health of people in the community and their families,” Mr Anghie said.

“We also know early intervention through phone counselling can be a significant help to people at times of heightened stress and uncertainty.”

“As part of the community, our APM and Assure team members have clients and colleagues affected and we want to offer our service to anyone who needs help.”

Headquartered in West Perth, APM delivers services and programs to help people access health, employment, disability, and workplace support nationwide.

Part of the global APM Group, Assure Programs delivers confidential mental health and wellbeing programs to workplace employees and their families across Australia.