Government Minister praises APM's delivery of NCS

Published on 24 May 2016

The Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, has praised APM's delivery of the National Citizen Service Contract (NCS) on a recent visit to meet the young people involved and representatives from the business.

Mr Wilson visited Perdiswell Young People's Leisure Centre in Worcestershire to celebrate the achievements to date on the programme which APM is delivering right across the West Midlands during school holidays and is open to all 15-17 year olds in the area.

Mr Wilson met with NCS graduates and staff members to discuss the benefits they've seen after taking part in the 2-4 week programme.

Graduates also talked to Mr Wilson about the social action projects they developed in the third phase of the programme to tackle issues in their local community such as building bird and bat boxes as part of a conservation project with local charity, Worcester Roots.

Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society says: "I have met with some inspirational young people in Worcester today and have enjoyed hearing about the transformational impact NCS has had on them.

"I have seen the difference in a young person at start of programme to where they end up and it's brilliant to witness young people thriving by experiencing opportunities they never thought they'd have."

Faith Williamson, aged 16 from Evesham, who met with Mr Wilson during his visit said: "I really enjoyed chatting to Mr Wilson today. NCS really was an experience I'll never forget. In just a few short weeks, I met lifelong friends and learnt so much, not just about myself but about my community and the difference I could make.

"Mr Wilson was keen to hear about how the programme changed us and was genuinely impressed with everything we've achieved. Hopefully his visit will encourage other young people to get involved in NCS this summer."

Built on discovery, adventure and community action, NCS widens horizons by helping young people build lasting friendships that bridge social divides and grow their aspirations by developing crucial skills for work and life.

APM's Director of Operations UK, Steve Hart, said: "We're so glad Mr Wilson was able to take time out of his busy schedule to meet our graduates today so he could see first-hand the impacts NCS is having on young people in the area.

"The programme is about empowering and inspiring young people to realise their potential, broaden their horizons and realise that they have the ability to change the community they live in. No young person should miss out on this extraordinary experience."