Published on 06 June 2019

Don’t give up on your job search, no matter how hard it gets.

That’s the message from Rodney Stewart who recently started his first job in seven years with support from APM Employment Services.

Rodney was featured in the South Burnett Times last year as a job seeker struggling to find employment with a criminal record.

He was recently featured in the paper again after securing work with a new service station in Kingaroy, Queensland.

Rodney told the paper he was always upfront about his past when speaking to potential employers.

“I have told all the workers here,” he said.

“Better off me telling them than someone else.”

Rodney also praised the work of his APM Employment Consultant Pauline from APM Kingaroy in helping him secure his first job in seven years.

His new role involves working with customers at the service station including using the till, which was something Rodney has never done before.

He told the local paper people looking for work needed to keep going to find the job they need.

“Just keep going, don’t give up,” he said.

“It’s hard yakka, but there are people out there who will give you a go.”

If you're looking for work and need support to overcoming challenges, speak to our customer service team on 1800 276 276 or find out more about our job seeker Employment Services.


Corey Stephenson

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