Job market partnership

Published on 16 Jan 2015

While Programmed, which provides staffing, maintenance and facilities management services, and APM, an Australian-owned international human services company, have already been collaborating, the new partnership formalises a relationship between two sectors of the employment market which have not had a history of working with each other.

"With our combined strength in the employment markets and comprehensive knowledge of employer needs, we are pleased to have developed this formal relationship and look forward to it delivering positive outcomes," said Nic Fairbank, Chief Executive Officer of Programmed Integrated Workforce.

APM Group Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hobday is equally enthusiastic about the cutting-edge deal.

"The APM-Programmed partnership solidifies a working relationship between two of the largest and most successful stakeholders in the Australian labour market," Mr Hobday said.

"It will give APM and Programmed an even greater understanding of the different needs of employers, with the aim of this translating into tangible outcomes for employers and job seekers alike.

"Our combined strength will maximise the chances of more Australians than ever before being placed into and remaining in meaningful employment."

Programmed employs more than 10,000 people on a daily basis, while APM assists more than 60,000 people each year.

Under the partnership, APM is providing employment services to job seekers to prepare them for work and these participants will be linked with Programmed's 7500-strong network of employers, complementing APM's broad employer relationships.

In addition, the Programmed-APM combination enhances the existing strong track record that both companies have of increasing the level of diversity within workplaces, including promoting employment participation among Indigenous Australians.