Job seekers flock to APM at WA long weekend festival

CROWDS of job seekers have signed up to join APM’s employment support programs following a busy public holiday event in Western Australia.

As one of the sponsors of the WA Day Festival by Celebrate WA, a team of APM volunteers were on hand to discuss our services to job seekers and employers at the event which attracted more than 100,000 people over two days.

Job seekers, employers and relatives of people looking for work were eager to learn more about Disability Employment Services and jobactive, while sharing their experiences of searching for employment and other support programs.

APM also sponsored an interactive art exhibition centred around the Noongar Six Seasons as part of National Reconciliation Week.

Hundreds of families explored the cultural installation and took part in a competition to win their own artwork by local Indigenous artist Peter Farmer Jr.

The festival coincided with APM’s current expansion of Disability Employment Services across Western Australia and nationally, with job seekers lining up to speak to staff about accessing the services.

Western Australian of the Year Awards

Ahead of the WA Day Festival, APM founder Megan Wynne presented Professor James Trevelyan with the Professions Award at the West Australian of the Year awards.

Professor Trevelyan has achieved international distinction for his research into robotics, landmine clearance, engineering practice and education.