Kempsey employment services partner with Your Future Rides

Pictured left to right: Rick Rudder AES Team Leader, John Clancy AES, Kate Jackson APM, Kieryn Old APM Business Manager, Aaron Doyle, Richard Kennedy Your Future Rides CEO, Tanner Jensen. Absent: Beau Huxley. Photo by Stephen Katte.

A job can get you where you want to be - however limited transport options are a barrier for many jobseekers.

Transport options are the difference between employment and missing another opportunity for jobseekers, particularly outside of major cities.

Which is why a collaboration in the northern New South Wales town of Kempsey is so special. And it's already having positive impacts!

Three local job seekers have benefited from a collaborative partnership between the 'Your Future Ride' program, Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) and APM Kempsey by gaining employment.

As part of the program, Tanner, Aaron and Beau have all earned their motorbike licenses, which has seen them successfully gain employment.

"For a lot of job seekers we work with, they are close to employment, but the biggest barrier to them finding work is transport," CEO of the 'Your Future Ride' program, Richard Kennedy said.

"We help our clients get their motorbike licences, and upon completion of the program, they receive a motorbike, a helmet, a years rego, insurance, everything they need to get out there and start working."

"The whole concept is to empower our clients and give them the freedom and confidence to achieve their employment goals."

Aaron in particular is already reaping the rewards of having his license, taking every opportunity to ride, even in the rain. Along with Tanner, and Beau, Aaron will start his new job as a groundskeeper in the next few weeks, and now he has a way to get around, he hopes to gain more opportunities in the future.

"I have been riding every day since getting my license, even in the rain just to keep practising and stay sharp, " Aaron said.

The sad reality is, not having transport severely limits employment options, especially in rural areas like Kempsey where you might have to travel out of town to get to work.

"I start my new job as a groundskeeper once the weather clears up, now that I've got a bike, I won't be restricted, if another opportunity for a good job comes up in the future, I can take it."

Tanner, Aaron and Beau now can shape their own futures, but unfortunately for many other job seekers, not having transport is one of the main reasons they don't get hired.

"In our experience, many employers turn away people who don't have access to transport, even if they are highly qualified for a position," AES team leader Rick Rudder said.

"The last piece in this success story is APM Kempsey, who along with AES, ensure their clients have the mentorship and support to find work and stay employed.

"We invest a lot of time into understanding what our clients perfect job may be and supporting them to find that job," APM business manager Kieryn Old said.

"APM Kempsey operates on an open door policy, if anybody out there is unsure if they qualify for our help, come in for a chat."

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