Kevin’s employment success through COVID

Today, Kevin is living the life he always wanted

After losing his long-term job several years ago, Kevin experienced difficulties with his mental health.

The abrupt finish to a work role can be jarring, people in this situation can struggle to adapt in such a sudden change of circumstances.

He experienced struggles for a period of years, leading to an eventual diagnosis of major depression.

In May 2020, Kevin felt he was ready to make his return to the workforce.

After commencing work as a traffic controller with LGC, Kevin found that the routine of going to work had a positive effect on his mental health.

However, when COVID-19 lockdowns affected Western Australia, Kevin lost his hours and found himself becoming socially isolated.

“I found it hard to remain positive and motivated” Kevin said.

In July of the same year, Kevin met his Employment Consultant Danielle, and together they started to address some of the barriers he was experiencing.

As they began their search for roles, Danielle also worked with Kevin to access treatment options for his mental health and wellbeing. They discussed treatment options and coping strategies to build resilience.

Danielle ensured she kept in constant contact with Kevin which helped him remain positive.

In October, Danielle contacted a potential employer with Kevin’s consent and discussed getting Kevin back to work and establishing a routine again.

Danielle and the employer discussed available hours based on the workload he would be required to complete, and Kevin returned to work one day a week.

As Kevin’s confidence and capability began to increase, he was able to commit to more tasks at work which resulted in more hours.

Kevin was always honest with his employer about his mental health barriers and his availabilities which helped build a strong relationship between them.

Danielle encouraged Kevin to work as many hours as he could manage. Through consistent appointments and check ins, Kevin was able to maintain four days a week working full-time hours.

In May this year, Kevin was able to completely pay off his thirty-year mortgage and owns his own home!

He feels he is starting to live and enjoy his life once again. His mind is constantly occupied, and he is now able to fund his lifelong passion of building and operating miniature locomotive trains.

Kevin believes that the combination of work and focusing on his hobbies allows him to not focus on the negatives and gives him goals and direction.

Kevin stated that without the help and consistent support of Danielle and APM, he wasn’t sure whether he would be here today and is finally living the life he always wanted!

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