More hospitality jobs need filling across Australia

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  • 269,700 jobs advertised online in February
  • Growing demand for hospitality, receptionists and sales workers
  • Professionals, tradies and clerical industries still most in need of staff

Demand for hospitality workers soared across Australia over the last month, new figures reveal.

The monthly vacancy report from the National Skills Commission shows there were 269,700 jobs advertised in February – an increase of 9,300 jobs from January.

Last month saw a surge in demand for retail and sales workers across Australia.

Looking at detailed job groups, the report found there were 1,300 more hospitality jobs in February – the biggest rise in ads for any group.

Other jobs which have been in high demand included clerks, call centre workers and receptionists which were up by 730 job ads, and accounted for the most job vacancies with 20,000 positions available across Australia.

Food trades workers had the third highest increase with 640 additional job ads.

From the 269,700 total jobs in February, the most advertised roles include:

  • Clerks, Call Centre Workers, and Receptionists - 20,000 jobs advertised
  • Sales Assistants and Salespersons - 14,400 jobs advertised
  • Carers and Aides - 12,600 jobs advertised
  • Medical Practitioners and Nurses - 10,900 jobs advertised
  • Hospitality Workers - 10,200 jobs advertised

The monthly report issued by the National Skills Commission shows job seekers which roles are in most demand nationally and in 37 employment regions.

The report also looks at which States and Territories have the most vacancies.

“Recruitment activity rose in seven states and territories, with the sharpest increase (measured by percentage change) in Tasmania (up by 6.6% or 200 job advertisements), followed by South Australia (4.7% or 620 job advertisements) and Victoria (4.4% or 3,000 job advertisements).”

Biggest demand still in professionals, clerical and trade industries

When looking more widely at the types of jobs available, the report has eight major occupations to demonstrate the industries that need the most staff.

The report looks at these eight broad job groups and monitors the change in online job ads posted each month.

From these changes job seekers, recruiters and employers can see what industries are in most demand for new workers.

February saw increases in ads across all eight industry groups

  • Managers by 810 to 28,900
  • Professionals by 2,600 to 74,200
  • Technicians and Trades Workers by 1,500 to 37,000
  • Community and Personal Service Workers by 2,100 to 29,600
  • Clerical and Administrative Workers by 1,600 to 41,400
  • Sales Workers by 590 to 22,000
  • Machinery Operators and Drivers by 170 to 14,800
  • Labourers by 250 to 22,400

You can find out more about February’s Vacancy Report at

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