Ornella's dreams crumb true

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Published on 24 Dec 2021

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Passion for her new career makes life twice as sweet

Ornella always had the goal of pursuing her love of cooking professionally.

When she reached out the team at the APM Mount Druitt (NSW) office, it was clear that her passion was cooking, especially making cakes and pastries.

Ornella found her way to APM Employment Services through the jobactive program.

After arriving in Australia and keenly wanting to start working towards her goal, Ornella attended English classes to improve her communication skills.

She also was able to enrol at TAFE to complete a Certificate III in Cakes and Pastries in 2020.

The Mount Druitt office worked closely with Ornella to locate a suitable opportunity in her chosen field.

Although English was not her first language and she had limited work experience in the industry, Ornella initially found it difficult to secure employment.

During a job focus session, a relationship was formed with local employer Handmade’s Bakehouse.

A conversation between APM and Handmade’s Bakehouse resulted in Ornella securing a paid work trial.

This was very successful and ultimately Ornella was offered a role with Handmade’s Bakehouse as a cake artist.

Ornella has now been with Handmade’s Bakehouse for over four months and both parties are extremely happy.

The right support can really the cherry on top of a success story like Ornella's.

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