Peter shifts gear into community role

  • Peter believed his age and previous injuries to his knees and back would hinder his ability secure employment
  • Employment Consultant Tammy’s strong rapport with local business helped secure a role for Peter

A new town gives Peter a fulfilling new role.

In 2019, Peter had relocated from a larger city in Queensland to the ‘one street western town’ Ravenshoe, west of Cairns (QLD). This is where he first met Business Manager Rebecca and the APM Ravenshoe team.

Peter was eager and compliant, willing to locate employment by completing his job search requirements and meeting his mutual obligations.

However, as time passed with little success, Peter believed that his age and recent arrival in the small town of Ravenshoe were barriers affecting his ability to locate employment.

Peter had begun to lose his spark and with every face-to-face appointment was becoming more disheartened and downcast.

Employment Consultant Tammy began working with Peter in 2020 she made it her goal to connect with local employers.

Tammy would pop in to shop fronts, build rapport and let the small businesses know that APM Employment Services were here to help.

Tammy booked Peter in to complete his Forklift License, and as a result of upskilling, he was able to secure a forklift position with a supportive employer.

Unfortunately, Peter the work itself was too laborious and was putting physical strain on his previous injuries, causing him pain.

Continuing to support Peter, Tammy refined her job search and was able to source an employment opportunity with the local school as a Bus Driver.

APM ensured Peter had the right licensing and negotiated a Wage Subsidy with the employer, who offered Peter the job.

APM continue to check Peter is doing well in his role, through post-placement support.

Today, Peter has secured a permanent role, and loves his job. APM recently arranged the purchase of a knee brace which helps to alleviate some of his joint pain.

Each day Peter makes it his mission to learn the children’s names, loves seeing them smile and always picks up extra shifts when they need to use the bus for school excursions.

A friendly, welcoming face for his community each day.

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