Tea at Number Ten

Published on 22 Mar 2016

Global CEO Michael Hobday (left) joined UK-based colleagues, Alan Cave and Liz Armstrong, in a meeting with a UK government advisory team.

The company's impressive track record as Australia's leading provider of disability employment services, marks it out as a leading voice in the UK's debate of how best to support those in receipt of disability related benefit payments.

"We were delighted to visit number ten and offer the benefit of our experience and expertise in the disability employment market," said Michael.

As the UK fast approaches the prospect of 'full employment', APM is uniquely placed to offer intensive and expert services to those long-term unemployed people deemed hardest to help.

Michael added: "We're a good company, financially stable and well positioned for growth.

"We have an excellent footprint in the UK and are one of only a handful of providers to bring a genuine health context to employability.

"We look forward to winning more business and being given the opportunity of enabling better lives for many more disadvantaged job seekers in the future."