Welder's spark outshines back injury disability

Published on 29 Jun 2017

The successful job outcome by APM's Disability Employment Services in Queensland has been featured in The Cairns Post.

Steven Bailey's return to work as a welder not only highlights the benefits of hiring people with disability but also shows the value of APM's employment services to local businesses.

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From The Cairns Post...

(Photo: The Welding Guy owner Ken Winning with his employee Steven Bailey. The Cairns Post)

Job sparks up Steven’s life

A job offer six months ago has helped Steven Bailey regain some purpose in his life.

The 39-year-old welder was unable to work due to spinal injuries sustained when he collapsed from a mystery condition more than three years ago.

Using a walking stick and only able to work for short periods at a time, Mr Bailey despaired of ever getting a job until employment agency APM introduced him to Gordonvale’s The Welding Guy boss Ken Winning.

“One good thing about Ken was he put me on when a lot of other bigger companies wouldn’t bat an eyelid at me,” he said.

“It is great to get back into welding, it makes you feel useful again. I had to fight to find money but now I’ve got a bit of a life back.”

Mr Winning said he hired Mr Bailey due to his broad range of welding and fabrication experience.

“I had reservations because of his injury but we’ve managed to work around everything,” Mr Winning said.

“I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to put someone on with a disability again.”