APM SEA - My Nook transcript

Olivia: Hi I'm Olivia

Patrick: Hi I'm Patrick

Olivia: And we're the founders of My Nook, a children's play sofa brand established in Australia last year.

So I did a lot of research when Patrick was made redundant. I look at what - obviously we're a family of five - and how we were going to be able to get some level of security, was kind of in my forefront. And then what did we what sort of support was out there that could help us make a business a success.

I think I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking at starting a small business. And for us, working with APM gave us the structure and security that we needed to be able to really build a successful business.

Isaac: For them, definitely everything has changed, there's more freedom, they can have flexibility, they can be their own boss. They can look after their spend time with their family.

Olivia: In the early stages of the program I was really a bit lost and I think that we both felt that there was, you know, so much detail that was required that it was quite overwhelming. And I think that's where APM and and specifically dealing with Isaac he was really able to guide us on the areas of our business that were the most important for us to drill down into and I think that guidance was really helpful.

Isaac: So seeing Olivia and Patrick, this business, thrive and do so well makes me feel very, very proud.

Patrick: I think it is very important to go for it as well, don't be scared. You know, it can be frightening at times, but I think that's really important and that's, I guess, what it does is gives away, takes away that fright a little bit of that overwhelming preparation. But just go for it.