APM ParentsNext Charlotte's story transcript

Charlotte: My name is Charlotte. I have own one baby. The name is Robert. And they call me like, "You need to come to Elizabeth. Next Parent." I didn't know what is going on with them. Then they came here, they told me like, your baby, you are too young. Your baby is eight months, so maybe you can choose your own things you want to do. If you want to go back to school or you want to do the course, just do your decision. Then I decide now to do my course. I was doing Aged Care and Disability, both of them together. Then I finish now, so I'm looking the job. Because they help me with a lot of things. They helped me a lot.

Jodie: Hi, my name's Jodie. I'm the business manager here at ParentsNext in Adelaide North. Charlotte came with her young son and he was two. She was unsure of what she might like to do, so sort of exploring things, and she decided that she'd like to work in Aged Care. Charlotte completed her training with Total Training Solutions. We refer a lot of our participants to them because they do offer flexible training, and they're very supportive and will provide additional class time, if needed, for students to catch up. They also find placements for them when they've got to do their work trials. From when Charlotte presented in ParentsNext for initial appointment to now that she's completed her qualifications, she's a lot more confident in her abilities, and she's certainly motivated to find employment in the industry, and I suppose make a better life for her and her child.

Navneet Kaur: Hello, my name is Navneet Kaur. I'm the director of Total Training Solutions Adelaide. We are just a training organization. We have two campuses in Adelaide. One is in a Parafield Gardens and one in Noarlunga Centre. So Charlotte came to us from APM ParentsNext, and she was lovely. She had a young child who was under one year-old, so we done a flexible training with her. We are doing courses since 2015, and since 2017, we are working with APM and ParentsNext. We have loads of students from ParentsNext, and they have a successful completion. And after successful completion, 70% of them managed to secure a job as well, with the help of APM and ParentsNext.