APM ParentsNext - Future Possibilities in Cairns transcript

Tracey Jackson: Hi, and welcome to APM's ParentsNext program. I'm Tracey Jackson, general manager here at APM, and I'd like to start by saying how excited we are to have an opportunity to work with you and your families on realizing your own possibilities for the future. 

Here at APM, our teams across South Australia, Victoria and Cairns, are here to support you on your own individual journeys. We know that being a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences. However, we also know it can be pretty challenging at times. So we're here to provide you with the supports, the networks, accessibility to training and programs that are going to assist you in being able to develop your own pathways. Throughout this video, we'll share with you some information that will outline training opportunities, share with you the community stakeholders that we have partnerships with in your local areas. And we're also really excited to share with you some stories from some of our parents across the country, who've realized their own successes, and hopefully you'll have an opportunity to find someone that you feel that you can align with. And it might even spark some ideas that you'd like to then take away and have a talk to your local consultant about. So let's have a look at some parents just like you, who started their journeys in realizing their own future possibilities. 

Kirol Leo: Hi, my name is Kirol. I'm mother of two boys. I just completed my Cert III in Community Service with enVizion. APM was very grateful and supportive towards my goal in terms of looking for a job and completing getting my P license. That was a great barrier in looking for job. So I asked APM if they could help me. And yes, APM staff were very helpful and very kind towards my request. And yeah, I did my lesson with Howard. I was given six lessons. I'm very grateful and thankful that without APM, I wouldn't be here today to get my P license. 

Rhiannon Dugmor: Hi, my name's Rhiannon. I'm a parent and family pathway planner, here at APM ParentsNext. When I first met Kirol, she had already commenced her Cert III in Community Services with enVizion. Kirol's explained to me multiple times, she has a passion for helping the youth and wanting to give back to the community, essentially. So even though Kirol was already on her way to being successful, when I did meet her, it's been wonderful to see her complete her course, continue to up-skill by doing the upCycle with Centacare. And now looking for work, she's so passionate about finding work in the field and she's got a real desire to find something that's suitable for her. So it's been wonderful to see her start and complete the course and continue on with that. 

Garry Walton: My name's Garry. I'm a driver trainer for Howard's Driving School. It's a professional driving school that operates predominantly in the Cairns region and Kirol's obviously one of my students. So yeah, more than happy to be on board, helping people to learn to drive. Kirol started quite steady. She was very nervous to start with, as most students that have got no experience and our confidence, they tend to strangle the steering wheel a little bit because of the scare factor and are very nervous. But now we're driving around the city and she's quite confident. Still needs a little bit more experience to get her over that threshold of passing the driving test. But yeah, we've progressing really well and she's improving every single lesson. So that's pretty good. 

Polly Nai: My name is Polly. I'm 29 years old. I have four kids, two girls, two boys. I just completed my Hospitality Cert III course at Strategix Training Group. And now I'm going to do my work placement at Cazaly's. My goal was to get a job in hospitality industry, and I've tried to get myself into a hospitality course and it didn't work out. So I tried on my own, but ParentsNext opened the door for me and laid out a whole opportunity for me. APM supported me during my course. They were there a hundred percent, on my side. 

Carole Baldisse: Hello, I'm Carole from Strategix. I'm actually the business development officer. Strategix has a different point of difference as an RTO. We're very focused in pathways into employment. So working with ParentsNext with APM, we actually have been working with Polly, and Polly's one of our students in our hospitality course. And our point in difference too, is we sit down and we interview our students. We find out what their passions, their desires are. So then it's my role to go out to our local businesses and find those perfect placements for them. So we get a proper outcome for our students for employment outcomes. Polly's been actually a lovely student here with us. She's been always interactive in class, supportive to other students. She's actually always the first one to put her hand up, to help, willing to go into any placement that we put forward. She jumped at the opportunity at Cazaly's because it had actually had the gaming. Not all of our host employers actually have gaming available, and she really was interested in the bar and the gaming side. So it was a great opportunity for her. 

Jason Wale: My name's Jason Wale. I'm the group general manager of Cazaly's. We run four leagues clubs and we provide facilities for the promotion of AFL in Cairns. We are delighted to partner with APM and Strategix to provide a pathway to people that want to make change in their life and promote themselves and get themselves gainfully employed. We began a conversation with Strategix. We jumped at the opportunity. From that we've started the process with Polly and having met her, she seems a lovely lady. 

Polly Nai: I'm very excited to work and yeah, get started into this work placement, gaining more experience. Get on board with ParentsNext. They're the best. Just didn't know that there was opportunities out there, where you can go out there and get it, but I just didn't know how to. Yeah, until I met ParentsNext. 

Tracey Jackson: So thank you for giving APM the opportunity to share with you some of our parents' stories, introduce you to some of the networks and partnerships that we have across the country. We hope that you've found some value in what we've shared with you today, and that we've left you with the opportunity to really think about what the right next step is for you on your own journey, in establishing your possibilities for the future. We look forward to working with you.