APM ParentsNext Nathan's story transcript

Nathan Ford: My name is Nathan Ford. I'm a single father of two boys, five and nine. And I've been with ParentsNext, with Belinda, for about probably over 12 months now. 

APM have helped me with a lot of the setting up for courses and stuff, direction of where to go to next or what to look at next to try and gain employment, just to get ready for that. So that's been a big help. 

APM referred me to Save the Children, to help me with Jackson. Save the children definitely helped with little ideas and advice to get Jackson toilet trained, which has been really successful. He's quite good now with that. So yeah, there's definitely a lot of help here that's helped me with Jackson, as a single father. 

Coming to ParentsNext definitely has made a difference for me and my two boys. 

Speaker 2: Nathan was quite reluctant. He didn't understand the program. He was very concerned about it impacting him and Jackson mainly. 

So I reassured Nathan that he could bring Jackson along to the appointment, that we are very kid-friendly, there's a lot of things for the children to do while we conduct our appointments. 

Referred Nathan over to Save the Children, which is a supported play group. The reason I did that is because I knew the supports would be there for him, with Jackson's behavioral issues that he was having. 

So Nathan went along to his first supported playgroup. And I remember getting a phone call from Nathan, he was just so excited because there was a family support worker that turned up to the play group session that he was attending, and they referred him onto a pediatrician and also gave them a lot of tools to work with Jackson and his toilet training. 

If you are new to the ParentsNext program, I urge you to work with your Pathway Planner and express what your goals are, because ultimately that's what we want to do, we want to help you get to your goals. And we're here to do that. That's what we're here for.