APM WorkCare and GE Healthcare transcript

Prudence Ashleigh: The challenges over the last couple of years have really been two-fold. So firstly, it's been around injury and illness. I think with an aging workforce, we've needed some support from a preventative measures perspective. And then of course, the other challenge around the pandemic and some of the challenges that has presented for our employees. And we really wanted to partner with APM to provide those additional resources, particularly around mental health and really the total wellbeing of our employees, and how can we really strengthen the initiatives that we already have in place and support our teams.

Louise Cadby: APM and GE Healthcare have worked really effectively together when it comes to partnering on problem solving. Some examples of this have included using our prevention services for a suitable duties register or a job task analysis for some of their more complex technical roles. And importantly, we've been able to assist GE Healthcare with some of their employees with mental health conditions to return to work in a safe and durable manner.

Prudence Ashleigh: So the process with APM has really been surprisingly simple. Louise and her team have been really flexible in the way that they've been able to help us, and I've found them to be very consultative and honest in their feedback, particularly in ways that we can improve as an organization and improve in the ways that we can support our employees.

Louise Cadby: What really sets GE Healthcare apart is their commitment to supporting their employees with mental health conditions. And I tell other employers that if they want to be considered to be an employer of choice, they'd be well served to support their employees in a similar way, particularly from a mental health perspective.

Prudence Ashleigh: The advice I would offer other organizations is really to be open to a conversation around prevention, particularly as we are navigating a global pandemic, the health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount and APM Workcare can really help you in making some small changes that might have a really big impact for your teams.