APM WorkCare and Nine transcript

Danielle Odd: We love working with APM. Here at Nine, we are a small team of four people looking after 5,000 employees, plus our freelance demographic and our production crew as different shows and productions are made. We love APM because as the cycles of our business change, as the needs arise or situations and challenges present itself, APM are a phone call away. We talk to Amanda, our account manager, and she just helps to solve our problems. So whether it's someone needing functional assessment, maybe they can't get comfortable with their equipment or their desk or their position, they're a provider there that can come and help with that.

If someone going through life's challenges needs a bit of emotional support for themselves or their family, we can call in some trusted advisors from APM to help them to get through life's moments, and return them back to full health. I honestly can't fault the surface from the team at APM. Every time I've come to APM with a need or an opportunity, I feel really listened to. They've taken the time to actually understand what I'm coming to the business with, what our needs are, and I feel like they've matched a solution back in. So customer service, responsiveness, attention to detail and follow-up are all reasons why we'll always continue to work with APM.

Amanda Johnston: It's fantastic to see the positive changes in the occupational rehabilitation industry and organizations such as Nine really investing proactively and in early intervention for their own people. The research has demonstrated the many health, productivity, and financial benefits that this brings to organizations. We have really enjoyed the partnership with Nine. It's been a true collaboration, combining our knowledge and expertise to tailor something to Nine and ensure it really is a value add service.

Danielle Odd: The partnership with APM means that we're not alone, that we don't have to solve all the problems or opportunities or challenges that come our way, because we're facing challenges that we haven't worked with before that are new to us, and we're not specialists in all areas such as APM covers. So the partnership with APM means that it doesn't really matter what comes our way because I know that there's a trusted provider at the end of the phone who will work with us to really understand what our business needs, what does that person need, and what's going to be the match solution for that person in that moment.